Comfortable Male Chastity Cock Cages


With so many male chastity cock cages available these days, I never thought I was going to be able to find one that I would like. It seemed like most of the designs were created to give the illusion of comfort while punishing you for having a penis in the first place. But looks can be deceiving. These cages are all pretty comfortable once you get used to wearing them. Of course there are some designs that take punishment to a whole new level, but I don’t think you have to wear those designs all the time like you do the others.

My choice to wear male chastity cock cages was not something I took lightly, either. I knew what I was getting myself into right from the beginning, but I had to make sure that I would be able to lead a normal life while wearing one. I knew a guy that started wearing a cock cage and ended up isolating himself from everyone because he was overly self-conscious of it. He thought everyone around him could tell that he was wearing one of these cages and that they were all judging him for it. Of course no one knew anything about it until he stopped coming around.

I didn’t want something like that happening to me while wearing my male chastity cock cages so I looked for low profile designs. I wanted to be able to wear my cage while out and about without people seeing any trace of it. That is when I realized that most of the designs that are commonly used these days are low profile. More and more guys are starting to wear them and they don’t want people seeing the outline of a metal cage in their pants, either. It’s nice being able to have that kind of variety when it comes to a fetish of this nature. I can enjoy it even more.


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Building a Collection of Male Chastity Cock Cages


There are so many male chastity cock cages available that I find it almost impossible to settle on any of them. I keep looking for one that is going to scream my name upon seeing it and the sheer amount of them just boggles my mind. I guess it’s a good thing that there are so many variants around for guys to choose from, but it does make it difficult for guys like me to enjoy the chastity lifestyle quickly. Of course it hasn’t stopped me from spending way too much money buying all the cages that I think I would like to take for a test run.

My collection of male chastity cock cages keeps growing every month but I don’t really care. I love being able to try on different cages all the time and I will keep buying them for as long as I can. I am sure there are other guys in the world just like me that have so many cages they could wear a different one every day for a month and not wear the same design twice. Although it can get kind of confusing at times, I rather enjoy having this many cages around me all the time.

If you are looking through these male chastity cock cages for the first time, then you are probably going to be overwhelmed. Don’t let the different designs keep you from trying them out, though. You will find that each design offers a unique experience and will be more than happy with whatever design you end up with. I would suggest taking your time with that first cage, though, in order to make sure you are getting something you will enjoy wearing. Once you are used to that one, then it is time for you to go a little crazy. Life is all about the experiences you have and these are definitely worth experiencing.


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Yes, You Really Do Need Male Chastity Cock Cages



Some men balk at first when they’re introduced to the chastity lifestyle because they don’t want to wear male chastity cock cages. These men feel that they can be chaste without benefit of the cages but they couldn’t be more wrong. What they don’t understand is that there’s a valid reason for men to wear a cage because there are many things that can be learned from these devices.


To begin with, wearing a cock cage will inhibit the response to sexual desire. These cages are built to fit around the penis so that it cannot become erect or be manipulated by hands. They are placed around the penis and then locked into place. The keys to these male chastity cock cages are then handed over to Key Holders for safe keeping. Key Holders are the ones that control when men are let out of their cages for such things as cleaning and earned release. This teaches men that they are no longer in control of their sexual pleasure. That privilege is now in someone else’s hands.


Believe it or not, wearing a device that will serve to cause severe discomfort when having an erection that has not been allowed or earned is going to go a long way in controlling them. Not to mention that men are assured of pleasing their partners as long as those male chastity cock cages are in place. This will help them learn the secret of being a fantastic lover. It takes only a very short time to realize just how beneficial these cages can be in improving sexual stamina as well as consideration. Even the most self-centered and selfish of men can be trained to care about his partner’s needs and desires after wearing a cage for a while. Eventually, most men simply adjust to the way it feels and start to appreciate all of the good things that it can offer.


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Male Chastity Cock Cages Selections


One of the things you will find when looking through the vast array of male chastity cock cages is that there are a lot more than you ever would have imagined. While there used to only be a handful of designs not too long ago, the Internet has brought this lifestyle to millions of men that want something different to wear. So designers have put their ideas together and created thousands of design variations that will make any guy in the world happy with what they are seeking. However, it does take a bit of time going through them all if you don’t know what you are looking for exactly.

Having that many choices in male chastity cock cages shouldn’t make you think that you will never be able to find one that you like, though. It just means that you might end up having to try out a couple of them before finding that one you simply must have. Take your time and try on any cage that you think looks like something you might want to wear and see if it fits the way you envisioned it. If it does, then you are one step ahead of everyone else.

If those male chastity cock cages don’t fit the way you were hoping, then pick out another one. Once you get used to wearing these cages, you will find out that each design offers something unique to your experience. So even if you have a couple that aren’t comfortable to you are first, you might find them highly exciting to wear later. But you will never know until you give yourself the chance to get out there and wear them around. That is how most guys end up getting involved with some of the most exciting chastity cages ever created to date.

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Finding Interesting Male Chastity Cock Cages


A lot of the male chastity cock cages that I have seen online have made me start wondering just how many guys are actually wearing them. It seems like every time I come across a new design that I have never seen, there is a guy somewhere in the world thinking about the strangest thing he could lock around his cock. It truly amazes me that some guys would come up with designs like these, but if that is what they want to wear, then who am I to judge them? We all have different expectations from life after all.

I have seen some pretty weird male chastity cock cages but I have also seen some that even I couldn’t deny looked interesting to wear. When I do see designs that I find interesting, I do my best to try and purchase one so that I can feel what it’s like to have it on. I’m the type of guy that realizes the only way to experience something new in life is to try it. If you don’t give new things a shot, then you will end up regretting it later on. At least that is how I feel about things in my life.

So if you start seeing some strange male chastity cock cages online and you wonder what they would feel like, I suggest you buy one and try it on. You may not enjoy it at first but at least you can tell yourself that you had the courage to try it on and see what it was like. The whole point in being alive is to experience new things and these cages will definitely give you a new experience. You might actually find that wearing things like this can be a lot of fun and you don’t want to miss out on any fun now, do you?

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Shopping for Replacement Male Chastity Cock Cages


I have had a few male chastity cock cages over the years that I enjoyed wearing, but my favorite will always be my first one. There is nothing like locking that first cage in place for me as it reminds me why I got involved in something like this all those years ago. The only problem I have with it is that it is getting a bit on the old side and I don’t want to break it. So I have decided to try and find the same design in a newer cage in order to fully retire my first one.

I have spent days looking through sites offering male chastity cock cages and can’t seem to find anything that even resembles my first one. Some have come a little close to the design, but it seems as though technology and time has passed mine by. I tried looking for the name of my cage but all I end up getting is references to 1970’s sex toys in the results. Yes, my device is that old and should probably be donated to a museum or private collection somewhere. If I had known this would happen, I would have purchased two of them at the same time so I could have a spare.

I have decided that some of these male chastity cock cages that come close to my old design will have to work for me. I will simply have to adjust my way of thinking over all of this and put my original cage up on display. Of course it’s going to be on display in my bedroom as I don’t think my family would be able to appreciate it as much as I do if I were to put it on the mantle of the fireplace. Although, I might try that out just to see what kind of reaction I can get from it.

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Finding the Right Male Chastity Cock Cages


There are a lot of different male chastity cock cages available on the market these days that you can purchase in order to experience sexual aspects that you have probably never thought of. Guys that are new to wearing these cages will often look at the different designs and think that they are all basically the same, but that isn’t exactly true. I have tried a lot of these designs and, while some of them feel close to the same, there are still various other designs that have a completely different affect when you have them on.

I would, however, start out with some of the more basic male chastity cock cages that you can find online instead of trying out the really hardcore versions first. I tried using one of the more advanced options once and just couldn’t get the hang of how the thing fit. I feel that once I get used to the way the others fit, then I will probably be perfectly fine in trying out that advanced design again and it shouldn’t bother me all that much anymore. Thankfully, there are so many basic designs available that I could end up going years without forcing myself into something more advanced.

I know that there are guys that are only interested in wearing advanced male chastity cock cages and that is perfectly fine. Just as long as you know what you are getting yourself into. You don’t want to lock your cock into a cage and head out the door only to find out that it isn’t something you can handle wearing for long periods of time just yet. If you do feel that you can do something like that, then you might want to take a basic design with you in case you need to take the advanced one off but still want to wear a chastity cage.


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Shopping Online for Male Chastity Cock Cages


Searching online for male chastity cock cages is a pastime that I really enjoy these days. It seems a bit weird to me that I would actually enjoy something like this as the first time I heard about these devices I was appalled. I couldn’t figure out why any guy would willingly put something like this over his cock and then lock it in place. The guys that then gave the key to someone else baffled me even more. I didn’t think there was anyone in the world that I trusted enough to have a key for a cage locked over my cock.


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However, I became curious about what these male chastity cock cages looked like and started hitting the Internet with a fury. I wanted to see just how many different designs of these cages guys all over the world were wearing and that is what ended up getting me hooked into the lifestyle. The more designs I saw the more I wanted to try them on to see what they would feel like. I even briefly thought about trying to make my own device, but I was never all that good in shop class so I gave that idea up rather quickly.

Since my first foray into male chastity cock cages over a year ago, I have purchased numerous designs to see what they were like. Most people would probably think that I am mentally ill for enjoying something like this but I don’t care. Wearing my cage has shown me that there is indeed more to life than just going to work to make money that you have to give to other people. There is a fine line of happiness buried deep in there that allows me to explore the world in ways I never thought possible and that is what keeps me going every day.

Changing Out My Male Chastity Cock Cages

Changing Out My Male Chastity Cock Cages

With all the different versions of male chastity cock cages available, you would think that it would be easy to find one that you like. Funny how giving guys more variety will only make it harder for them to make a decision in the long run. Women would say that is because men can’t make up their minds when it comes to issues of sex, but guys will tell you that it’s because they want to try them all and don’t know which one to start with. I have to agree with the men on this one.



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I must have spent two weeks looking through male chastity cock cages online before I narrowed it down to the one I was going to use first. Even after I purchased my first cage, I was looking at them online to figure out which one I was going to buy next. That was even before I got the chance to try the first one. After actually wearing the thing, I knew that I had to keep buying them to see what other sensations I would feel by having different designs over my cock.

It’s difficult for me to pick out my favorite male chastity cock cages because I love them all so much. I tend to change them out every couple of weeks and I have to sit the next one that I plan on wearing on my dresser so I can look at it every day to make sure it is the one I want to try next. If I just picked one on the day that I was going to change them out, I probably wouldn’t lock one in place for hours on end because I would be going over all my cages trying to make another decision in choosing one.

Gaining the Courage to Try Male Chastity Cock Cages


Some of the male chastity cock cages that I have seen online appear to be a little more than just interesting to me. I have never actually tried one of these items before, but after reading some of the blog posts on various online forums about them, I have to admit that I am curious. I started looking around for a basic design that I might be able to purchase and wear and I can’t say that I’m disappointed in what I have found. There are a lot that I know I’m not ready for right now, but there are many more that I think could make me quite happy.

I took some advice from the blogs and started researching the male chastity cock cages that I looked at so that I could understand them better. I thought doing all that research was going to get boring and make me want to quit, but it actually turned me on a little. I found that the more information I came across about certain designs, the more I wanted to try them out for myself. Sometimes, I actually wake up in the middle of the night after dreaming about a couple of the designs that I really want to try.

So I have decided that the only way to make it through this curiosity I have with these male chastity cock cages is to purchase one and get it over with. I know what to expect from them because I have read all the information I could possibly find. I have even seen a few videos that featured the use of the particular designs that I am looking forward to testing. Now I just have to put all that out of my mind and simply jump off the bridge so to speak. I am sure that I will enjoy them, though, once I take this particular bull by the horns.


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